Benefits of Exfoliating April 01 2015


As we transition from our long winter and 'Spring' forward into a new season it is really important to change up your shower/bathing routine and here's why.

Exfoliating the body will promote better blood circulation in the skin, increasing cell turnover. By exfoliating the body twice a week it will remove your dry dead skin cells and brighten the overall tone of your skin. By removing this layer of the epidermis your moisturizers will penetrate better for an overall healthier looking skin. 

At Rosewater Boutique we offer luxurious products that tame that winter skin!

Seaflora Oil-Free Seaweed Body PolishSeaflora Oil-free Body Polish is best suited for clients with sensitive skins as the formula has no artificial dyes, or fragrance. Seaflora products are hand harvested from the Canadian Pacific ocean and are all natural wild seaweed which are rich in vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. Browse the Seaflora Collection.


Eminence Cucumber Mint Sugar Scrub offers a beautiful organic sugar scrub that will refine your skin with natural exfoliation. Active herbs, including mint,basil,and comfrey purify and impart antioxidants while sweet almond oil drenches your skin with fragrant hydration. Try it today!