What's Your Skin Type? April 02 2015

Pointers for Identifying Your Skin Type

Hmmm... what's my skin type? There you are, sharing a glass of wine with friends, when the topic of skin care comes up. Two of your friends recommend a product that you are not sure is appropriate for your skin type. What is your skin type, by the way? Normal? Sensitive?

Here are the basics and differences of skin types:

Dry Skin: Your skin feels dry and tight, and sometimes you can see flakes on your cheeks, chin and forehead. Fine lines may be present around your eye and lip contour areas. Find beautiful brands for dry skin.

Normal or Combination Skin: Your skin has an even tone, and is not overly dry or oily. From time to time you may experience oiliness on your chin, nose and forehead or dryness on your cheeks, lips and around your eye contour area. Browse the high quality products for normal or combination skin.

Oily Skin: Your skin is shiny, has visible pores and is prone to spots and blemishes. Oily skin doesn't show lines easily, however it needs to be maintained to prevent breakouts. See the products we recommend for oily skin.

Sensitive Skin: Your skin is delicate with fine pores, is often irritated and is prone to redness. Sensitive skin is often genetic and can also react to diet, changes in weather, hormonal imbalance and certain cosmetic products. Shop for sensitive skin products today!

So how do we know so much about skincare? Because these products are used by our qualified aestheticians (skincare specialists) every day. Begin your journey now. And if you have a question, go ahead, email us. We'll get back to you lickety split (Monday - Saturday from 10:00 - 6:00)!