Blowing the Whistle on the Secret Agents in BIODROGA April 16 2015

secret agentMove over James Bond. We are about to expose the secret agents found in BIODROGA products.

Ever wonder about the ingredients in your skin care products? We do! At Rosewater Boutique, we take skin care seriously. That is why we don't offer just any skin care products... we offer the BEST skin care products in the world, such as BIODROGA.

The research and development team at BIODROGA are continuously developing harmonious combinations of innovative biotechnological ingredients and marrying them with specific ingredient carrier systems to offer new dimensions in skincare.

What is the inside scoop on BIODROGA products? We are going to let you in on the best kept secret in the skin care industry. The agent list - and the effect on your skin. Ingredients that you will actually be able to pronounce, such as GERANIUM OIL - an essential oil derived from the scented geranium plant that helps prevent cellulite. See the agent/ingredient list.

We are proud to be partnered with BIODROGA. Browse and order BIODROGA products today.