Where's Your Sweet Spot? June 18 2015

Perfectly balanced intimate care products from SweetSpot and Rosewater BoutiqueYou know how women love to share, right? Well, at Rosewater Boutique, we have to share the secret of SweetSpot Labs intimate care! 

SweetSpot products were created by women, for women, and tested on women. From Gentle Washes and Wipettes to Balancing Mists, SweetSpot Labs understands the difference between underarms, feet, and your sweet spot.

The SweetSpot mission: "Let's free up the conversation about intimate care and deliver women fun, fabulous rituals that feel great and simply are great (and debunk dated fallacies)."

SweetSpot products are formulated with a targeted pH specific to norms that are optimal for vaginal health and contain only the good stuff and none of the bad. SweetSpot products are carefully formulated with specially selected, soothing, food grade, pH-right, for-purpose ingredients and NEVER ever contain alcohol, soap or known irritants.

Find your Sweet Spot here at Rosewater Boutique.