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Natural Organic Face and Body Moisturizers by Primavera to Balance, Calm, Renew, Revitalize Skin Posted by Liz Belford, July 23 2015

Natural fragrances by Primavera have the power to motivate, inspire and stimulate the body and mind. A morning ritual, an inspired afternoon, a peaceful sleep. Primavera face and body products connect people with the purest joys of nature, inviting the discovery of perfect balance every day. We admire that!

Primavera is among the first to embrace the formulation of natural, synthetic free skincare and spa based products which, with their expertise in traditional formulation allowed for "green chemistry" - the fusion of science and naturals to create effective products. Now aren't you glad you stopped by Rosewater Boutique?  

Take a stroll through Rosewater Boutique and discover Primavera skin care products...

Primavera seed oil for intense moisturizing Primavera Revitalizing Intensive Seed Oil Capsules.
These biodegradable, vegetable based capsules deliver anti-aging benefits with perfect doses of hydration. See the natural ingredients they contain.



Calming moisture creamPrimavera Calming Moisture Cream.
This soothing moisturizer deeply hydrates as it rebuilds skin's moisture barrier, helps the skin protect itself from external irritants and soothes away redness and sensitivity.

Pure Nature. Perfect Balance. When is the best time to start taking care of your skin? Now.

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