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About Rosewater Boutique

About Liz

Founder, Rosewater Boutique

Liz opened Rosewater Boutique in 2013, to offer a solution inspired by the desire for high quality skincare, balanced with time-starved schedules, and the unfulfilled promise of store bought brands. Now savvy and sophisticated skincare buyers have access to the best skincare brands in the world delivered right to their door.

Rosewater History

When Liz opened Rosewater Spa of Oakville in 2001 she had already criss-crossed continents to meticulously choose and personally experience every product and every treatment for the spa. The result was, and still is today, a total body, mind and soul wellness experience for women and men. Liz echoed the experience with the opening of Rosewater Spa of Burlington in 2008. See the video of Liz and Rosewater Spas.

Liz has brought the same vision and delightful attention to detail that made Rosewater Spas respected and revered in the industry to Rosewater Boutique. She has personally chosen and used every product offered in Rosewater Boutique and stands behind their reputation for purity and value.

Now you can buy the same exceptional products once only available in world-class spas online in Rosewater Boutique. Browse and buy with confidence. Shop by brand or purpose such as skincare, makeup, hair, nail care tanning, bath & body, in the comfort of your home any time. You'll fall in love with your skin all over again!